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The Goats

Over the years I've done a number of animal pictures and goats have figured most prominently in this regard. They are intelligent and amazing creatures. The wide range of differences among the various species, both domestic and wild, provides a fathomless source of inspiration for my art.


These pieces, known collectively as the “MASQUE…” series, are loosely inspired by the personality temperaments described by David Keirsey in his book, Please Understand Me. There are a total of sixteen masques, each named after one of the temperaments (which themselves derive from Carl Jung's theories of archetypes). Rather than literal interpretations of personality types, the pieces represent explorations into dream worlds of fantasy, Eros, and the exotic.

& Blasphemers

The pieces in this gallery subdivide into three distinct sets. Throughout my art career, I have often done series of fantastical animal pictures. The Beast pictures represent one of my more fanciful and whimsical fabrications. With them I exploit some really crazy color combinations and freely mix disparate media. These wild, disjointed anthropomorphic creatures appear caught in surreal landscapes. Some observers have even suggested they seem a bit lewd. Open the thumbnails and see for yourself.


The Nudes come from a period in my career when I acted as Coordinator of Figure Drawing for the Pyramid Arts Center (now Rochester Contemporary), an avant-garde arts space in Rochester, NY. For these open studio sessions we had a pretty disparate group of artists, most of whom wanted to do primarily quick gesture sketches or short poses of no more than twenty to thirty minutes long. As a result, I accumulated a collection of partially finished drawings, all of which began languishing in my studio. I then hit upon the idea of finishing some of the pieces as best I could from memory. Later, I began adding backgrounds and imaginary landscapes to the works. The result was a series of figures and settings which were totally removed from the original live sessions.

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